The Alumni of any university forms the backbone of the institution - industry interaction and fosters further growth and development of the institute. The MLCU Alumni Association is actively involved in "reconnecting" with the alumni.

Under the guidance of the committee, the Alumni Association is expected to grow in strength and meet the objectives of the Association.

Vision Statement

“Striving towards professional integrity”


Mission Statement


“Building a productive network amongst Professionals from different fields”



  • To promote professional Union of different fields
  • To enhance skills and knowledge in various fields


  • Dr. Glen C. Kharkongor (Pro Chancellor MLCU)
  • Shri Robert G. Lyngdoh (Vice Chancellor MLCU)


Office Bearers


Office Bearers


Mr. Nigel C. Syiem

Vice President

Mr. Bankiew B. Kharsyntiew

General Secretary

Mr. Jason D. M. Marbañiang

Asst. General Secretary

Mr. Ezra L. Darngawn


Mrs. Christy M. Najiar

Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Indarilyne D. Lyndem

Information & Publicity Secretary

Mr. Larry Marwieñ

Asst. Information & Publicity Secretary

Mr. Deanroi M. Pdah


Executive Members

  • Mr. Mewan Ryntathiang
  • Ms. Virginia Malñiang
  • Ms. Alvarinia Nongsiej
  • Ms. Badahunshisha Marbañiang
  • Mr. Firguster Mawlong
  • Mr. Hingba Joyson
  • Mr. Aiborlang Lawryñiang
  • Mr. Philip Marbañiang
  • Ms. Kerica Kharmawphlang
  • Mr. Ronn Cooper Warjri
  • Ms. Ayesha Nongrum
  • Mr. Freddy O’ Connor Kharmutee

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the sustainable development of Meghalaya and Northeast India, while upholding and conserving its bio-cultural heritage, by providing knowledge and skills that will enable our students to become global citizens and by recognizing the Christian legacy of the University and its commitment to Christian institutions and the Christian community.

Our Pledge

We the incoming/outgoing students of the Martin Luther Christian University vow to always uphold the principles of Honesty, Sustainability, Tolerance and Respect, Quality, Perseverance, Humility, Teamwork, Leadership, Accountability and Recognition as upheld to us in the University. This pledge we make freely, fully understanding that these values will make us good humans and role models.

Contact Details

Martin Luther Christian University
Dongktieh, Block -1,
Nongrah, Shillong 793006
Ph: 0364-2535467/0364- 2535437
E-mail: admin@mlcuniv.in , registrar@mlcuniv.in, admissions@mlcuniv.in
Website: www.mlcuniv.in