Centre for Doctoral Studies

Centre for Doctoral Studies

PhD Studies

MLCU is a development university and so promotes the pursuit of applied research, especially in the social sciences. Candidates who wish to study issues and problems pertaining to the development of communities are especially invited to apply. MLCU also encourages research on indigenous issues, especially indigenous knowledge as it is important to preserve and revitalize the traditional ways and wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Northeast India and find useful applications to modern life. Traditional medicine and the fine arts and folklore of the region, especially music, dance and literary forms are other areas of current research at MLCU.

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Degree

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is generally considered to be an advanced research degree usually pursued before the Doctor of Philosophy. It typically includes a taught portion and a significant research portion, during which a thesis research project is conducted under supervision. The MPhil is regarded as an advanced master’s degree, standing between a PhD and a shorter master’s degree. For the academic year 2019-20, the following MPhil Programmes are offered:

  1. MPhil in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work – 2 years
  2. MPhil in Psychotherapy – 2 years
  3. MPhil Counselling Psychology – 2 years
  4. MPhil in School Counselling – 2 years
  5. MPhil in Family and Marital Counselling – 2 years
  6. MPhil in Community Development – 2 years
  7. Individualised MPhil – 2 years
Integrated MPhil–PhD Programme
Interested candidates who intend to pursue their PhD subsequently may apply for the Integrated MPhil- PhD Programme . The advantages of this Programme are:
  1. Pursuing a single research project in two stages over a longer period, thereby enabling a stronger research outcome.
  2. Possibility of completing the PhD in a shorter period
  3. Possible exemption from a portion of or all of the PhD course work
Eligibility for MPhil/PhD
Master’s degree (or equivalent) in any subject. Admission is based on the performance of the candidate in the MPhil/PhD Entrance Test and Interview.
Application information:
The application form can be downloaded from www.mlcuniv.in or by writing/ emailing the Registrar at Martin Luther Christian University, Dongktieh, Block I, Nongrah, Shillong 793006, Meghalaya, India (or) to admin@mlcuniv.in or at mlcu.phd@gmail.com.The application must be filled-in completely and should be accompanied by a 500 words essay on “Why I want to do a PhD and how it will help my career and benefit society”. The applicant will also have to submit a tentative research proposal of approximately 1500 words with five to ten academic references.
Entrance Test:
An Entrance Test of 3 hours duration is conducted every year covering the following areas:
1. Communication skills
2. Analytical skills
3. Research methods
4. Community orientation
After the entrance test, shortlisted candidates will have to appear for an interview which will cover the
  • Motivation and career goals
  • Research interest of the candidate and its importance
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Research methods
Course Work:
The qualified candidate has to attend the PhD course work conducted by the University, after which the candidate will require to submit the research proposal.
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