Course Work for all Doctoral Studies under the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Course Work for all Doctoral Studies under the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

The university requires a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 credits of course work in compliance with the UGC. 

  1. Each candidate admitted to the PhD studies will be required to take coursework prescribed by the Doctoral Committee. Ordinarily, the coursework shall consist of:
    1. Research Methods – Basic approach to Social Science and Theological Research Methods to develop a thesis proposal and a review of literature on the area of concern. This coursework is conducted at the Doctoral Centres for all Doctoral candidates (4 Credits)
    2. Methodological Issues and Current Trends in research and theoretical framework for the subject and its research focus. This coursework component shall be undertaken under the supervisor’s guidance, who shall certify its completion. (4 Credits)
    3. The third paper will be prescribed by the supervisor related to his/her research field. (4 Credits)
    4. For Biblical studies (OT/ NT) candidates, competence in Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Greek or both languages’ requirement for doing his/her research will be tested by the supervisor and accordingly plan the candidates’ course work. (4 Credits or in place of no.3)
    5. The research proposal, guided and endorsed by the supervisor shall be presented in a seminar organised at the Doctoral Centres. (2 credits)
    6. The Coursework period commences from the date of the announcement of the results of the Doctoral entrance exams.

The Research Scholar should undertake particular languages on their own on the approval of the supervisor.

Biblical languages competency should be tested and certified by the supervisor.

2.  The milestone given above is a tentative schedule for the PhD candidates. The stipulated period for coursework is six months to 12 months. However, a candidate is expected to complete his/her coursework and submit the research proposal to the Doctoral Committee through the Doctoral Centres before completing 18 months. The provisional admission given for the candidate will be withdrawn, and admission will be cancelled.

3. MPhil holders may be exempted, partially or entirely from the course work as per the decision of the ACTRS of MLCU looking into the merits of the candidate

4. The supervisor will certify the attainment of these competencies in the manner prescribed by the Doctoral Committee.

5. Candidates will be given the transcript on the completion of the coursework.

6. PhD level coursework taken at any other university, considered equivalent be awarded equivalent credits on the Doctoral Committee’s approval. Such candidates should submit their thesis proposal to the Doctoral Committee within three months of their admission.

7. If a candidate does not complete the prescribed coursework, the entrance test will be valid only up-to two years after which the candidate will have to re-appear for the entrance test.

8. The candidate shall not have simultaneous PhD Registration with the other Universities/Institutions.

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