Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology in Microbiology

Duration: 2 years (four semesters coursework with 6 months internship)
Eligibility: 4-year BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

This programme provides in-depth skills and knowledge in theory and clinical postings related to the branches of Microbiology and Immunology, quality control, computer software skills, Research Methodology so as to help the student execute a dissertation during the internship or to be involved in research projects related to Microbiology or Public Health, there is also a teaching practice to prepare the student to be future teachers in Microbiology. Journal presentations and seminars will be conducted to help in understanding research studies. During the internship, they will be able to process clinical specimens through microscopy, isolate the etiological agents from the referred clinical specimens, perform antibiotic sensitivity testing and perform quality control for each test or technique. They will be able to interpret and detect infections from other clinical problems and report to the physician.

Job Prospects: Hospital laboratories, Diagnostic Laboratories, Research projects, Teaching and Entrepreneurs.

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