Department of Community Development

A ‘community’ is often thought of or reflected in geographic terms where the city, town or village one resides/lives . Just only one way of understanding it as communities can also be defined in terms of common cultural heritage, language, and beliefs or shared interests ‘Development’ is often associated with assumption of growth, progress and expansion. The term ‘development’ in the context of community does not  always imply  growth but change. Objectives
  1. To link community problems with suitable answers through comprehensive partnership with practiced-based government and non-governmental organisations
  2. To develop action based research to create a cohesive impact in developing  communities at various levels
  3. To create and develop expertise in dealing with community problems through relevant and sustainable intervention strategies
  4. To work on a spectrum of wide-ranging issues in communities especially in areas like health, education, gender, livelihoods, governance, families, etc.
Centre for Community Development ‘IATEILANG’ 1. Diploma Courses
  • Project Management for 5 months
2. Activities
  • Collaboration and networking with various GOs, NGOs for dissemination of knowledge, ideas, information and practice models
  • Action based research relevant for accomplishing needs based interventions and sustainable development in the communities
  • Develop appropriate, sensitive and contextually applicable pedagogy for enhanced community development practice
  • Introduce short and medium terms diploma courses where individuals in different fields can augment skills, techniques and knowledge in working with communities
  • Develop strategies for bridging the gap between grassroots issues with services to alleviate problems in communities
  • Create model villages for active and committed involvement for sustainable community development