Department of English and Communication (DEC)

Motto: First there was a Word

The Department of English and Communication was started in the year 2006 as a complimentary curriculum in MLCU catering to the language needs of the students. Initially, the department consisted of two Faculty members, Ms. Sanda Lyngwa and Ms. Eva Giri, who are considered to be the pioneers of the department. With the growth of the University, the Department of English and Communication was expanded and by the year 2007, it boasted of a total faculty strength of 7. Currently, the department comprises of 10 faculty members from diverse backgrounds specializing in Language teaching, Linguistics and English Literature.
The Department of English and Communication has undergone a progressive evolution during its short span of seven years. Formerly called the English Department, the name was later altered to Communicative English Department to highlight the course that was offered then. It was only in 2010 that the department felt the need to change its name, keeping in mind the methods of teaching, approach and rationale, to the Department of English and Communication as it now stands. The Department has ten faculty members from the fields of Linguistics, English Language Education, and English Literature.

Mission Statement

The Department of English and Communication presents to its students the cultures and languages of people and empowers them with the means, methods and specialised skills for teaching –learning in the fields of linguistics, English language and education, and English literature while endeavouring to participate actively in research, documentation, preservation, promotion, and enhancement of tribal and indigenous languages of Northeast India.

Vision of the Department

‘That the students become independent thinkers who are confident and can actively participate and deliberate in any given situation’.


English and Communication as a Complimentary Course
The Course in English and Communication is offered only as a complimentary course to students in all semesters across all departments in MLCU. It aims at enhancing the language skills, the creative and critical thinking skills, as well the employability skills among the students while integrating the said skills with the content for learning offered in the courses they have chosen to pursue. However credits and grades are assigned as per the assessment policy of the University.

What the DEC offers…

Communication, in its entirety, encompasses an array of concepts ranging from both verbal to the non-verbal. With this view in mind, the Department of English and Communication caters not only on language learning but to a plethora of professional skills as well.
The course design and teaching approach of the Department stress on the holistic development of the student as a young professional. The English projects initiated by the Department serve as a platform for the students to experience a hands-on approach to learning the as well as providing them with adequate exposure to put theories into practice.

What more does the DEC offers…
The diversity in the language foundation of the classroom is given due importance as well and special classes are conducted for those students whose competency level in the English Language is lacking. The Take a Jump program, initialized in 2011, serves the purpose of strengthening the basics of verbal and written communication of the weaker students and in turn, builds upon their confidence to achieve a higher rate of learning outcome. A Foundation Course is also offered by the department for international students to help them cope with the cultural and environmental changes that they may experience. This Foundation Course focuses primarily on cultural orientation and basic language skills.
The DEC therefore provides an opportunity for its students to build up on their repertoire of communication ranging from the whole gamut of English language to soft skills and in the process, transform them to an employable workforce.

DEC as a pioneering entity…
The Department was established in 2006 to offer English and Communication across the curriculum to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University. The department has eight faculty members. The English and Communication Department has stood out from the rest in pioneering new methods and approaches to classroom learning, teaching and evaluation. In 2008, the English and Communication Department introduced the system of evaluation based on daily assessment which has now been adopted by the University as the Cumulative Formative Evaluation (CFE) as opposed to the age old practice of end semester examinations.
The concept of Experiential Learning, which focuses on a more pragmatic approach to learning, was adopted by the department as a preferred approach to the acquisition and development of soft skills and language skills.
The incorporation of field-based topics as materials for language learning or Content Based Learning, provides ample opportunity for the students to broaden their knowledge with regards to their respective area of specialization while building upon their language skills.

Course of Study
The course of study includes classroom lectures and activities, presentations, classroom projects, awareness programs, and study tours.

Special projects and activities

1. A seminar entitled Voice of the Voicelesson the issue of child trafficking. This was conducted in collaboration with Impulse NGO Network and State Resource Centre for Women, Department of Social Welfare, Government of Meghalaya.

2. Inter College and Intra University debates, quiz and literary competitions

3. Street plays on Cradle Points, and Safe and Clean Water Use with the students of Department of Social Work in Motphran, Iewduh, and Open Day Shelter, Nongmynsong, respectively.

Postal Address

Department of English and Communication,
Martin Luther Christian University,
Block 1, Dongktieh,Nongrah, Shillong-793006

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