Department of Family and Child Studies

Vision “Strengthening and creating of proficient Social work professionals pertaining to family and child”. Mission “Aiming towards outstanding quality of social work practices and research relating to family and child in the context of indigenous communities”. Objectives
  • To educate students on the safeguarding and strengthening of the family as a unit.
  • To manage issues relating to children and families pertaining to contemporary societies and provide suitable services that is culturally relevant to meet needs.
  • To carry out research work on current issues relating to Children and Families in contemporary families.
  • To contribute to the existing knowledge on Family and Child Welfare Services.
Career Opportunities:
  1. Social welfare department /Ministry of Family and Child welfare
  2. Maternal and Child health
  3. Integrated Child Development Services
  4. Integrated Child Protection Scheme
  5. Civil hospitals (counsellors)
  6. NGOs
  7. Day care centers
  8. Juvenile homes