Department of Medical & Psychiatric Social Work


“Generating industrious and conscious learners who will promote Physiological and Mental Health Care through Social Work Practice and Interventions”


“To identify, prevent and provide holistic care, services and research for healthy living in tribal communities through Social Work Practice”


  1. To recognize the need for Medical and Psychiatric Care in varied communities by applying Social Work methods and skills
  2. To engage with individuals, groups and communities especially the vulnerable sections concerning Health Care and services
  3. To actively participate in promoting Health through research and interventions


  1. Social Work focuses on the improvement of health and social wellbeing of individuals families groups and communities
  2. Working with people to assess, resolve, prevent or lessen the impact of psychosocial, physical and mental health related issues
  3. Public participation
  4. Accessibility of services and referral
  5. Interdisciplinary collaboration
  6. Health  promotion
  7. Develop patients specific treatment plan
  8. Maintain case reports
  9. Participate in developing a multidisciplinary plan of care
  10. Researcher

Career Opportunities

  • Medical Social Worker
  • Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Social Service Officer
  • Liaison officer
  • Field officer
  • Research officer
  • ICTC counsellor
  • Care coordinator in ART centre
  • Social welfare department