To be a department that aspires to disseminate fundamental and indigenous knowledge in nutrition, dietetics and sport nutrition through experiential learning, community outreach and research with an aim to bring in a brigade of nutrition professionals contributing to uplift society locally and globally.


  1. To endow students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to thrive in their profession.
  2. To empower students with skills needed for entrepreneurship.
  3. To conscientize community on nutrition, nutritional care in health and illnesses, and overall fitness and lifestyle.
  4. To promote traditional food system for food diversity and security through innovative research, intervention and service programs to communities.

Programs available

Post Graduate course PGD program Undergraduate courses
Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Nutrition and Fitness
  • Nutrition and Dietetics in MLCU

    Nutrition and Dietetics was started in 2011 as a Post Graduate course under the Department of Allied Health Sciences with 2 faculties and enrollment of 5 students. At present, there are 5 faculties and 117 Alumni. The Alumni are entrepreneurs, freelancer and are employed in Government and Private sectors. Some alumni have cleared UGC- NET and few are pursuing their Ph.D.  In view of the progress of Nutrition courses, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics was created in the year 2020.

    Role of Nutritionists and Dietitians

    Nutritionists and Dietitians focus on three arenas namely people, policy, and program. They work in communities and hospitals. They collect information on nutritional status, plan diets, provide dietary counselling and trained people. They organized and implement programs, interventions that focus on changing behaviour and their expertise is pivotal in the formulation of nutritional policies in the country.

    Career prospect

    Dietitian in clinic, hospitals and Rural health centers

    Food Quality Control Personnel, Food Product Development Staff in professional institutions, governmental and voluntary organizations

    Nutritionist in Social Welfare Department, Nutrition Rehabilitation centers, and Fitness and Sports centers.

    Programme manager and coordinator in various Government schemes

    Manager in Restaurant and Resorts

    Programme manager and coordinator in various Government schemes

    Lead associate in Public health services and Food services

    Researcher, faculty and instructor in Universities, Colleges, Schools and Management Training Institutes.