Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning and Internship

“The process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience.” -Kolb

MLCU’s stand on Experiential Learning

MLCU encourages the broad use of experiential strategies and tools, recommending that at least half of the learning time be spent in experiential learning. 
As part of experiential learning, internships are encouraged and supported in MLCU. Internships serve several purposes:
  1. Experience in hands-on skills
  2. Develop attributes of confidence, maturity, and agency
  3. Demonstrate analytical, critical reflection, and decision-making skills
  4. Develop interactive skills with other professionals in the field
  5. Become more familiar with the world of work
  6. Obtain cross-cultural experiences

Department of Environment and Tradition Ecosystems
E-waste Collection Drive
as part of the internship programme at Karo Sambhav, Shillong
Lapalang, Nongrah, Nongthymmai and Madanryting
14th October 2015

Department of Environment and Tradition Ecosystems
Awareness programme as part of the internship programme at Karo Sambhav, Shillong

  1. Linear economy (present and future)
  2. Circular economy.

Shillong Academy School, Laitumkhrah  (For Student and Teachers)
8th November 2021

Department of Environment and Tradition Ecosystems
Cleaning of the Stream as part of observation of World Water Day
Organised by the office of the Block Developemnt Officer, Mawpat C&RD Block
Nongrah-Lapalang, East Khasi Hills
22nd March, 2021.

Department of Music
Crafting of Musical Instruments and Indigenous Music of North East India
Meeting with the Craftsmen of Khasi Musical Instruments
Wahkhen and Laitkyrhong, East Khasi Hills District
8th November 2021

Meeting with Mr. Rising Kurkalang
Rising (Laitkyrhong) is a folk musician hailing from Laitkyrhong village. He is master craftsmen who craft Khasi stringed instruments and other Khasi percussion instruments and at the same time a well-known Duitara player. He also crafts western musical instruments such as guitar, mandolin and violin.

Meeting with Mr. Rojet Buhphang
Rojet Buhphang (Wahkhen) is a well-known figure in the field of Khasi traditional music. He is a master craftman whose specialisation is on percussion instruments such as Ka Ksing, Ka Bom and other bamboo percussion instruments. He is a national awardee from the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi on Khasi Traditional Music. Earlier he was also one of the Duhalia (traditional musicians) of Hima Khyrim.

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