External Internships

As part of experiential learning, internships are encouraged and supported in MLCU in that all departments have internships. The strongest internship programme in terms of duration and learning is in the AHS department. Most AHS   students have found the internship to be a personal and professional transformative experience. A transformative experience will best come about from an immersiveinternship which serves several purposes:

  1. Experience in hands-on skills
  2. Develop attributes of confidence, maturity, and agency
  3. Demonstrate analytical, critical reflection, and decision-making skills
  4. Develop interactive skills with other professionals in the field
  5. Become more familiar with the world of work
  6. Obtain cross-cultural experiences

“External internship” is one that is conducted away from the place of student origin. It may include internships that have been arranged by individual students, but generally will encompass a group of institutions and organisations with which MLCU has established a formal relationship. These arrangements will be academically and administratively structured for optimal learning experience.