Faculty Profile

Department of English & Communication

Dr. Fabian W Marbaniang


Associate Professor

Content and Language Integrated Learning: An Approach to English Language Education among the Khasis in Meghalaya; The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Shillong, 2019

Contact: fabianmarbaniang@mlcuniv.in

Dr. Sanda Nichell Lyngwa

PGDTE, M.Phil., NET, Ph.D

Associate Professor

English Language Teaching ELT in Teacher Education Colleges in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya A Study”, The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Shillong, 2016

Contact: sanda@mlcuniv.in

Dr. Dawanisa Dhar

M.Phil. NET, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

A Case Study among the Under Graduate Students Pursuing Professional Courses in Shillong, The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Shillong, 2020

  1. Dhar, D. (2019). Classroom interaction: A strategy to develop the oral competency of ESL learners. New Academia: An International Journal of English Language and Literary Theory, 8 (3), 131-137. Retrieved from https://interactionsforum.com/2019/vol-viii-issue-iii-july-2019
  2. Dhar, D. (2019). Reflective Teaching: A medium to teacher development. IJELLH (International Journal Of English Language, Literature In Humanities), 7(4), 12. April. Retrieved from http://ijellh.com/OJS/index.php/OJS/article/view/7954
  3. Dhar, D. (2016). Understanding Learners’ Language Learning Strategies for better classroom learning”. In N. Gahatraj (Ed), Classroom management: Theory and Practice. 53-62. Assam, India: Purbayon Publication. ISBN: 978-81-92955-29-2
  4. Dhar, D. (2016). The Role of of Collaborative Language Learning (CLL) in enhancing Problem Solving Skills. The Journal of English Language Teaching (India). 58 (3), 37-41. The English Language Teachers’ Association of India. ISSN:0973-5208

Contact: dawanisadhar@mlcuniv.in

Dr. Chelmelyne Dhar


Assistant Professor

A Phonological and Lexical Study of Lamin and Shella Varieties of Khasi: A comparative study, Ph. D Thesis, Department of Linguistics, North Eastern Hill University, 2014
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  4. Phonemic inventory of Lamin, Linguistic Ecology: Meghalaya, Eastern Book      House Publishers, Guwahati, India, 2013
  5. Syllable Structure in Khasi with special reference to Shella, International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities: Volume 7, April 4, 2019

Contact: chelmelynedhar@mlcuniv.in

Dr. Lalnunsanga Ralte

M. Phil, Ph. D

Assistant Professor

Science Fiction as Social Commentary: A Study of the Major Writers,  North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 2019

  1. Poems published in The Indian Quarterly, 2020
  2. Poems published in anthology of poems from East and North East India called Eastern Muse, Authorspress, 2019
  3. Poems published in online journal Poetry at Sangam, July Issue, 2019
  4.  Ralte, R. (2019). Indigenous Discourses in Science Fiction. Indigeneity: Expression and Experience (pp139-147). Mittal-MZU. 81-8327-936-1
  5. Ralte, R.  Reinventing a Genre: Feminism and the New Wave of Science Fiction. IJELLH (International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities. ISSN 2321-7065
  6. Ralte, R. Science Fiction and The Victorian Age: A Tradition of Social Critique and Satire. New Academia, ISSN 2347-2073

Contact: lalnunsangaralte@mlcuniv.in

Dr. Egira Shadap

NET, Ph. D

Assistant Professor

A Knowledge Based Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation in Khasi, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 2018

Contact: egirashadap@mlcuniv.in

Mr. Eddie Hnunrousiam Valte



Contact: eddievalte@mlcuniv.in

Ms. Dahun Dora Syiem


Guest Lecturer

Contact: dahunlangdora@mlcuniv.in

Dr. Bashisha Shabon

Ph. D

Guest Lecturer

Comparative study of Khasi and kharia”, Assam University, Silchar (AUS) March, 2013
  1. Baishya, A. K., & Shabong, B (2012). Indo-Aryan loan words in Khasi: An introductory note. Journals Global, 3(2), ISSN 2249-5835
  2. Shabong, B. (2012). Negation in Khasi. Language in India, 12(1)
  3. Shabong, B (2011). Case marker in Khasi. The Journal of Language in India. Volume 11. ISSN:1930-2940

Contact: sbashisha@gmail.com