Integrated MPhil – PhD


Candidates with a Master’s degree may be admitted to the integrated MPhil-PhD program with the following provisions:

  1. The MPhil degree should have included at least 8 credits of research courses and research dissertation of 8 credits
  2. The MPhil degree shall be of at least 24 credits.
  3. The research project topic will be continued for the PhD research.

Timeline and order of steps

  1. Candidates may apply for the integrated course during or after the MPhil
  2. Candidates will pass the MPhil/PhD entrance test and receive provisional admission
  3. The research proposal may be submitted in the final semester of the MPhil, or within three months of provisional admission to the Doctoral Committee. The Doctoral Committee will assign a supervisor.
  4. Upon approval of the research proposal, they will be granted confirmation of admission.
  5. Candidates may complete the PhD within two years after provisional admission.

Admission procedures

1. The student will submit an application for the integrated program in the prescribed form and be granted eligibility to appear for the entrance test. The application will include:

  • Transcript/list of courses taken in the MPhil with mention of the credits for research courses and research project
  • Copy of the research dissertation

2. The candidate will pay the tuition fees upon receiving the provisional letter of admission

  • The provisional letter of admission will indicate full, partial, or no exemption from the PhD coursework, and the minimum duration of the PhD, which will not be less than two years.

Integrated MPhil- PhD Fees Structure for 2020-21

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Application Fee
Entrance Fee
Registration Fee
RP Evaluation Fee
Annual Course Fee
Examination Fee

*Registration and 1st installment of annual course fee to be paid immediately after the declaration of the entrance test results

**Examination fee is to be paid as per fee structure enforced at the time of submission of thesis/dissertation

RP Evaluation fee will be paid after approval of the Research Proposal

Note: Late payment of fees will attract a fine of Rs 100/- per day