Master of Arts in Corporate Social Responsibility

Duration: 2 years (four semesters)
Eligibility: Any bachelor’s degree

About the Programme

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now being operationalised as global governance, laws and practices, rapidly evolve to accommodate a more ethical and socially responsible corporate ethos and sustainable development. Corporates are no longer simply wealth-creating organisations as their activities are increasingly having an impact on the society and community around them. Therefore, CSR is a step towards creating a dynamic interaction between corporates and society. The role of CSR in business and society needs to be clearly understood by members of the community, more so, by students who will gradually become members, or impacted by the corporate sector as stakeholders.

In this programme, students will be introduced to the concept and role of CSR in business and society.

At the end of the programme, students will be familiar with the legal principles, critiques, and procedural tools used to advance CSR. Besides, students will gain an understanding of corporates’/ NGOs’ accounting, management and governance.

Graduates with CSR will be able to minimise the adverse impact of large companies by helping in the making of decisions that are favourable to the environment and society, and are at the same time economically sustainable.

Course delivery

Theory: lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, assignments, case studies, self-directed learning

Practical: presentations, seminars, workshops, field postings such as winter/summer posting in NGOs/corporates, internships, dissertations and other experiential activities

Career prospects

  • CSR executives in corporates
  • CSR representative at NGOs and other non-profit organization
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Freelancer: CSR consultant and trainer
This course is offered in:-

Department of Education,
Martin Luther Christian University, 
Dongktieh, Nongrah, Shillong-793006