Master of Arts in English

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Eligibility: Any bachelor’s degree.

About the program

The prime focus of the Masters of Arts in English is to study culture vis-a-vis literature, and languages of a people and to pass on such knowledge through pedagogy. The program will help students to identify avenues for preservation of one’s own language and culture. They will be able to critique socio-cultural systems and through their cultural awareness, to find expression at a universal arena. The program will help students in classroom teaching skills by equipping them with knowledge and skills in different pedagogical approaches students.  During the program students will be exposed to field of study in English Literature, Linguistics and English Language Education.

Career prospects

  • Project and research coordinators in research and educational institutes
  • English professors and instructors in Indian technical colleges
  • Advocating the design of teaching-learning modules for tribal and indigenous languages as a foreign and/or second language.
  • Competent English language trainers in schools and colleges
  • English trainers and instructors in the hospitality industry and other training institutes
  • Master trainers in BPOs
  • Writer: freelance writer, content writer, media writing
  • Editing and copy editing