Progress of Candidates

Progress of Candidates

The research proposal should generally be submitted to the Doctoral Committee within one year of admission and complete the prescribed coursework.

If a candidate has not completed [the course work and has not] received approval for his/her research proposal from the Doctoral Committee within two years of admission, his/her candidature will be terminated.

Upon approval of the Doctoral Committee’s research proposal, the thesis’s topic and the research study design shall be considered to be finalised. The Doctoral Committee should approve any significant change of the subject or considerable modification.

After obtaining the Doctoral Committee’s research proposal’s approval, the candidate shall receive permission from the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC). The research work may commence only after the consent of the UREC.

A yearly progress report, approved by the supervisor, shall be submitted by the Doctoral candidates.

A candidate shall give a presentation once a year of his/her work and submit a six-monthly progress report, approved by the supervisor for evaluation and further guidance.

Each candidate is expected to present his/her work, or part thereof, at an appropriate academic conference, preferably national or international, and submit or publish the research work in a peer-reviewed journal.

A pre-submission presentation, approved by the supervisor, shall be made upon completing the research work’s main part.

The candidates on submission of the final research have to report the community’s findings in a suitable manner from which the data has been collected. The scholar shall submit a report to the Secretary, Doctoral Committee before the public defence.

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