Research Proposal and Research Proposal Format

Research Proposal and Research Proposal Format

The research proposal is pivotal in the candidate’s doctoral programme because it sets forth the major creative work which the doctoral candidate will undertake. The research proposal expresses the research goal that the candidate has in mind. The research proposal presupposes that considerable research has already been carried out in the research subject. It is a matter of judging how far the proposal should set forth the research’s actual conclusions. 

The candidate must present an acceptable Thesis Proposal within TWO months of the completion of the coursework. This proposal, which usually is around 20 – 25 pages in length, shall include the following:

  1. A statement of the proposed investigation area, justifying the topic’s significance, establishing the need for a new study, and showing how a contribution will be made to the subject.
  2. Literature Review is referring to their area of research and finding the gap for doing the research.
  3. Research Methods: An explanation of the method(s) to be applied in the research.
  4. A precis of the proposed content, indicating the sequence of topics (Chapters, and if possible, anticipated conclusion.
  5. An extensive bibliography.

Format Requirements

  1. Title Page: Font— 14 (Title page is page l)
    1. Title of the Study
    2. Submitted to: Doctoral Committee
    3. Date:
    4. Name of Scholar:
    5. Registration No:
    6. Middle Justification
  2. Left justification for all other pages
  3. Margins: I inch on top, bottom and right and left side margins
  4. Font: Times New Roman
  5. Font size: 12
  6. Space between lines: double spacing
  7. No of words — 10,000 to 15000 words’
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