Social Work- Department of Public Health

Vision: Achieving good health and wellbeing for all through prevention, enabling access to affordable health care services, research and policy change. Mission: To enhance knowledge and professional skills of students in social work in combination with public health through research, identification, prevention,  institutional and community engagement, advocacy for policy change and inclusion of traditional knowledge systems. Objectives:
  1. To enhance students’ theoretical knowledge and skills in social work and public health and to be able to contextualize such theories
  2. To provide students with opportunities for integration and practical application of the knowledge, values and skills through field and institutional exposures, projects and other educational and research activities like case studies and groupwork
  3. To identify vulnerable persons such as persons with mental illness, disability, elderly, chronic illnesses, children , women and organise suitable care and services
  4. To enable the students to assess individual, community needs, assets and implement effective health education and advocacy campaigns for policy change
  5. To identify and address problems in communities in a participatory manner by involving all stakeholders and including relevant traditional knowledge
  6. To equip the students in research and evidence based applications that advanced public health knowledge and community practice.
  1. Public health is dynamic.  The physical, mental, social, spiritual wellbeing makes health a platform of change where it needs many professionals for strategies and policy action.
  2. The government is implementing various schemes therefore, requires more health workers /social workers specialized in public health
  3. Improvement of health status of the population can be focused at different levels-  health centres(e.g Palliative care), NGOs, Missions (Church)
Career opportunities:
  • Public health opens the door to a number of career opportunities
  • Research
  • Health programmes of the government
  • Governmental and non-governmental Intervention projects (Health educators and community outreach workers, programme manager)
  • Create/develop informational material on health-related issues
  • Social workers in health care facilities (patient care, provide counseling and how to identify resources & pool financial support for underprivileged population).
  • Health planners in government and NGOs