Procedure for Enquiry

Internal Complaints Committee – Procedure for Enquiry


a. Any employee or students who feel that a violation of this policy has occurred should immediately report the matter to the Chairperson within two weeks of the incident. If a complaint is made after two weeks, the committee will decide whether to take it up for enquiry or not.

b. If that person is unavailable or the employee believes it would be inappropriate to contact the Chairperson, the complainant should contact any representative of the Committee.

c. Any complaint against any faculty or employee or student shall be submitted to the Chairperson in writing (hard copy) with the details of the complainant such as Name, Department, Contact Number and Adress. Depending on the gravity of the complaint the Chairperson will convene the Committee to look into the complaint and to suggest recommendations for action.

d. Any employee or student who is found to have committed any act of misconduct will be served with a letter from the Chairperson stating the charges leveled against him/her. Such an employee or student will be given an opportunity to explain and answer the charges leveled against her/him in the Committee. The complainant may also be required to appear before the Committee.

e. The Committee may constitute a sub-committee for investigating the complaint.

f. The Sub committee will submit the report to the CASH and at least two thirds of the members should be present for any decision to be made.

g. The Committee will then submit their findings and recommendations to the Registrar

In terms of the provisions contained vide Chapter 5, Section 26(a) of the Martin Luther Christian University Act, 2005 read with Statute 6.2.3 (b) of the MLCU Statutes, 2013 and approved by the Board of Management in its meeting held on June 16, 2014 the constitution of Committee Against Sexual Harassment was constituted.


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