Competition on Innovative Fleet-oriented Business Models for E-Vehicles in Northeast India

AEEE, in collaboration with NIT Meghalaya and Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), is hosting an innovative competition focused on Fleet-oriented Business Models for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Northeast India. This initiative is specifically designed to catalyze development in the EV sector across the Northeastern states. The competition is exclusively open to individuals residing in the Northeast, or those affiliated with educational institutions based in the region. Its aim is to harness local insights and expertise to foster groundbreaking business models that can propel the EV landscape to new heights in this diverse and dynamic part of India.


Welcome, participants, to the highly anticipated competition on developing innovative and sustainable business ideas and models for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the Northeast! This one-of-its-kind college-level competition is a remarkable opportunity to showcase your creativity and expertise in crafting business models that will drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across the region.

In this competition, we invite you to explore and present your business models specifically designed for fleet operators. As fleet operators play a crucial role in the electric mobility ecosystem, your task is to develop comprehensive strategies encompassing various aspects such as charging infrastructure, vehicle acquisition, operation, maintenance, and even vehicle resale. Your business model should demonstrate financial viability and prioritize sustainability, scalability, and social impact. We encourage you to think outside the box, challenge existing paradigms, and propose innovative solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by fleet operators in the Northeast. This could include Tourism Transport, Educational Transport, Urban Mass Transit, Corporate Commuters, Freight Movement, and Two and Four-Wheeler Taxis. To participate, you must prepare an abstract and PowerPoint presentation (PPT) outlining your business model idea, emphasizing its key components, competitive advantages, and potential for long-term success.

We believe this competition will provide a platform for showcasing your talents and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among like-minded individuals. Together, we can pave the way for a vibrant electric vehicle ecosystem in the Northeast, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and enhancing economic growth. So, seize this opportunity to make a lasting impact and contribute to the transition towards sustainable transportation in the Northeast.

Competition Objectives:

The developed business models should aim at fulfilling the following objectives –

  • Should be financially sustainable for electric vehicle adoption, focusing on innovative financing solutions with minimal collateral requirements, effective risk mitigation strategies, and promoting shared ownership models.
  • Should be adaptable and comprehensive addressing the unique local transportation needs, encompassing various use cases, such as buses, cars, three-wheelers, and two-wheelers, while justifying their respective market shares and incorporating specific elements and policies to ensure efficient operations and widespread adoption.
  • Should be user-centric prioritizing social equity, economic upliftment, and gender inclusivity, while enhancing accessibility to electric vehicles through efficient operations, reliable charging infrastructure, and user-friendly interfaces, ultimately ensuring a seamless and inclusive user experience for all.

General Submission Guidelines

Failing to comply with any of the guidelines may lead to disqualification.

This competition is open to students from educational institutions in the Northeast. Participants can enter as a team with a maximum of three members.

The competition will consist of two distinct stages.

  • In the initial phase, individuals or teams who wish to participate are requested to submit a concise abstract.
  • Following this initial selection process, the chosen participants will be further required to prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation.

Detailed guidelines for crafting the abstract and presentation are provided below.

Idea Submission:

  • Participants must submit an Idea of their proposed business model for electric vehicle fleet operations in the Northeast.
  • The Idea should be concise and limited to a maximum of 1000 words, divided into the following categories –
    • Introduction (maximum 250 words)
    • Aim and Approach (maximum 500 words)
    • Expected outcomes (maximum 250 words)
  • It should provide an overview of the proposed business model, highlighting its key features, objectives, and expected outcomes.

PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) Submission:

  • Participants who advance to the next round must create a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) elaborating on their proposed business model.
  • The PPT should be a maximum of 15 slides, excluding the title slide and references.
  • Participants should clearly outline their business model’s financial viability, scalability, and social impact.
  • It is encouraged to include any supporting data, graphs, or visuals that enhance the understanding and credibility of the proposed model.
  • The presentation should be submitted in PDF and PPT format.
  • Participants should adhere to the given word and slide limits for the abstract and PPT.
  • Plagiarism or any form of academic misconduct will result in disqualification.
  • Any external sources used in the abstract or PPT must be appropriately cited.

Other Information:

  • The competition aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.
  • Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas, insights, and experiences during the competition, promoting a spirit of learning and innovation.
  • Registration should be done by the students on the website before the registration deadline. (google forms to be made available)

Judgment Criteria:

  • The judging criteria will include innovation, feasibility, financial viability, sustainability, scalability, social impact, and presentation skills.
  • Winners will be selected based on the evaluation by the judging panel.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top-ranking participants or teams, with additional recognition for outstanding achievements.
  • The exact prize details will be announced before the final presentations. (Rs 20,000 overall + paid internship opportunity).

Important Dates:

  • Idea submission deadline: 20th November 2023, Monday 1800 hrs IST
  • Announcement of selected participants: 24th November 2023, Friday, 1800 hrs IST
  • PPT Submission Deadline: 30th November 2023, Thursday, 1800 hrs IST
  • Presentation and judging: 4th December 2023, Monday, 0900 hrs IST

For any further clarifications, please contact:

We hope these guidelines provide you with a clear understanding of the competition. We eagerly await your visionary business models that will shape the future of electric vehicle fleet operations. Good luck to all participants!

Registration Link:

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