MLCU Scholarship Award 2024-25

MLCU Scholarship Awards
MLCU offers various scholarships to its students, some which have been instituted by philanthropic individuals and others by the University. The objective of these scholarships is to provide financial assistance to MLCU students. To be eligible for a Named scholarship a student should have completed at least one year, of the programme. Regular attendance and academic progress are also taken into
consideration when determining the award of the scholarship. Other scholarships for new students are the MLCU Scholarship Awards for all programmes. These students will be provided with a support system such as counselling services related to well-being and career.

Named scholarships
1. Bluebell Reade Standal Syiem Scholarship
2. Dr Helen Giri Scholarship
3. Dr K Rajaratnam Scholarship
4. Queensilies and Jwinsilies Kharkongor Scholarship
5. Elder T. E. Diengdoh Scholarship
6.Dr Domes Roy Shullai Memorial Scholarship

MLCU Scholarship Awards
1. Biate students
2. Bethany Society Scholarship: for nominees of Bethany Society
3. Children of single parent
4. Students of Sein Jaintia Morning School
5. PWD (person with disability) student


MLCU has set up a scholarship fund known as the MLCU Scholarship Fund (MLCUSF).The objective of the MLCUSF is to provide financial assistance to MLCU students on a merit-means basis. MLCU awards scholarships to its students every year following certain criteria.


1.    A student must be registered in a full-time degree or diploma course
2.    A student should have completed at least one year/semester of the course.


The applicant for the scholarship should have a good record of attendance and academic progress.

MLCU Scholarships

Name Bluebell Reade Standal Syiem Scholarship Fund
Donor’s name Mr Gregory Standal Syiem
Purpose Scholarship for a rural female student

Name Dr Helen Giri Scholarship Fund
Donor’s name Dr Helen Giri
Purpose Fund for promotion for Music

Name Dr Rajaratnam Scholarship Fund
Donor’s name National Lutheran Health and Medical Board
Purpose Open

Name Queensilies & Jwinsilies Scholarship Fund
Donor’s name Dr Sandra Albert & Dr Glenn C Kharkongor

Purpose Annual scholarship to a lady student of Allied Health Sciences

Name Elder T. E. Diengdoh Scholarship Fund
Donor’s name Rev S S Majaw
Purpose Open

Name: Dr Domes Roy Shullai Memorial Scholarship
Donor’s Name: Mrs Early M Lyngdoh and Family
Purpose:  To award undergraduate and postgraduate students for their efforts in research projects that would be beneficial for the communities.

  • The number of scholarships ( Rs. 10,000/- per scholarship) is limited to thirty per year.
  • All applications for a scholarship will be considered by a committee consisting of MLCU administrators and faculty.

GOI/GOM Scholarships

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