Doctoral Studies in Christian Management Studies

Studies in Christian Management deals with advanced thinking and discovery of knowledge in the management of Not Profit Organisations (NPO) with the biblical level of excellence. 


  1. Master’s degree (MA) in Christian Management, or  
  2. Any postgraduate degree in Management from any recognised university with a Bridge Course in Theology accepted by the Academic Committee of theology and Religious Studies (ACRTS) of Martin Luther Christian University, or
  3. Master’s in Theology (M.Th),  with a bridge course in management studies and accepted by the Academic Committee of Theology and Religious Studies (ACTRS) of Martin Luther Christian University.

*The Bridge Course is 12 credits with particular reference to Research Methods. 


  1. The duration of the programme is calculated from the admission date, i.e., the entrance test results’ announcement.
  2. The Minimum duration is three years.
  3. The maximum duration shall be six years, extendable up to one year. This is applicable only in exceptional circumstances and is subjected to the approval of the Doctoral Committee.


  1. This is applicable to a candidate who has not been able to complete his/her doctoral studies within the permitted extension period.
  2.  The candidate who wishes to continue to pursue the doctoral degree will have to be re-admitted. Such candidates should petition the Doctoral Committee for approval to re-apply. 
  3. Re-admission into the programme will include 
    1. Appearing for the entrance test
    2. Completing the course work, and 
    3. Payment of the fees current at the time of the new application.

For Women Candidates

  1. Women candidates may be provided with an extension of the PhD for an additional 240 days. 
  2. Such scholars who wish to avail this provision will write to the Dean Research stating the reason.
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