Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education

Duration: 3 / 4 years course
Eligibility:  Class XII (Any stream)

The field of English Language Education relates to the disciplines of linguistics and language teaching. The course offers students a platform to gain an in- depth understanding of global opportunities and challenges in the field of  English Language Education as it refers to the study of language in relation to real-world issues. Students will be able to learn, participate and evaluate the practical application of theoretical concepts in the field language pedagogy.

Programme objectives:
1. To familiarize students with the key concepts in English Language Education. 
2. To provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical foundations of language learning and teaching.
3. To enable students to comprehend, review and evaluate language teaching  methods 
4. To equip students with the necessary skills required for academic preparation
5. To introduce students to a proficiency course in a foreign language.
6. To provide students with a broader understanding of the role of gender in language 
7. To encourage students to achieve practical experience in educational forums such as literary fests, seminars, webinars, debates, conferences, workshops and others.

Course Delivery:
Theory: Classroom lecture, group discussion, session learning, self-directed learning, presentation, interactive seminars, webinars, debates, field visits and surveys and workshops,SWAYAM  MOOC course, Coursera.

Career Prospects:

  • Eligibility for Masters programme in English Language Education, Linguistics, English
    Literature or related discipline
  • Coaching for competitive examinations  
  • Competent English language trainers in schools and colleges 
  • English trainers in technical colleges, hospitality services and industry and other training
  • Project and research coordinators in research and educational institutions. 
  • Careers in writing for media and advertising.
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