Post Graduate Diploma Hospital and Healthcare Management

Duration: 1 year (two semesters)
Eligibility: Any Bachelor’s degree 

This program is relevant to various hospitals and health care units that require management skill to maintain the quality standard of the students with an in-depth knowledge relating to management of various operations of all spheres and also to improve delivery healthcare services on the ground. After successful completion of this course, postgraduate diploma in hospital and healthcare management will aim to prepare the student with administrative and consultative positions in the medical sectors.

Course delivery

Theory: lectures, tutorials, presentations, case studies, assignments, conferences and seminars. 

Practical: hands on training, experiential activities, fieldtrip and visits to hospitals and health care centres.

Career prospects

  • Hospital Chief Executive Officer
  • Hospital administrator
  • Hospital Chief Finance Officer
  • Product management for medical device companies.
  • Pharmaceutical Product Manager
  • Patient Financial Specialist
  • Hospital Human Resources
  • Hospital Management
  • Program Director
  • Administrative Manager

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