Doctoral Graduates

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1Mr Ignatius Stanislaus LoboDr. Fr. Joe Arimpoor“Integration of content on spirituality into post-graduate social work education curriculum” An exploratory study of views and perspectives of social work students, faculty and practitioners in south India.2022
2Mr Francis DoddamaniDr. Maribon VirayA study on the Impact of Occupational Stress on Marital Satisfaction of Dual Career Families Working in the IT Sector in Bangalore2022
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1Mr MalsawmzolianaRev Samuel MeshackImpact of social networking site on interpersonal relationships of the youth in Mizoram2021
2Ms Larina KharmawphlangDr Glenn C KharkongorEvaluation of pre-analytical laboratory errors and the impact of an educational intervention program in two private hospital-based Clinical Laboratories2021
3Ms Laribha DohtdongDr Bonnie M NicolNutritional status and dietary practices among school going tribal adolescents in Mylliem Block, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya2021
4Ms Nandaris MarweinDr PSS Sundar RaoHealth seeking behaviour and Utilisation of health care services among pregnant women in South West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya2021
5Mr Ajithsen SelvadhasDr Glenn C KharkongorRole of creative Design in the Economic scaling up of the Arts and crafts of Tribal Communities: An lnterventional Study Among the Santhal and Mohli Tribes of Jharkhand2021
6Mr Hamkhein Helpme MohrmenProf. Glenn C. KharkongorCultural History of the Jañtia in Stories, Stones and Traditions2021
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1Ms Minorita LyngdohDr. Glenn Christo KharkongorMonitoring and Analyzing Student Academic Performance using Social Networking Sites as a Teaching Learning Tool for Undergraduate Students2020
2Ms Melodynia MarpnaDr. Glenn Christo KharkongorDietary Patterns of Tribal Under-Five Year-old Children with Moderate Acute Malnutrition, and Associated Social Factors in Umling Block, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya2020
3Ms Colleen Sonia PariatDr. Sundeep ChaitanyaCommonest Gene Mutations Associated Rifampicin and Isoniazid Resistant Tuberculosis in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya2020
4Mr Julian Oscar DharDr. Maribon M VirayCareer Planning and Career Development Programs in Higher Educational Institutions in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya2020
5Ms Alino SumiDr Subhasish Das GuptaTraditional Ecological Knowledge of the Sumi Tribe of Nagaland in Weather Prediction for Agriculture2020
6Ms LalropuiiDr Tony Sam GeorgeIntergenerational transmision of Trauma: Resilience and Vulnerabilities of Families in Mizoram2020
7Mr Lenin ThingbaijamProf. N. ChandrasekaranPrediction of Students’ Academic Performance Employing Hybrid Machine Learning Approach2020
8Ms Nouzhienino PeseyieSr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura and Dr. Maribon VirayImpact of Emotional Intelligence, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Academic Achievement of High School Students in Nagaland, India2020
9Mr Henry FernandesDr Joan ChunkapuraStudy of Stress and Coping in Parents of Intellectually Disabled Children and the Effects of an Intervention Programme2020
10Mr Nimesh GeorgeDr. R. J. SolomonFamily Functioning, Attachment Styles, Emotion Regulation and Temperament among Adolescents Who Engage in Self Engage in Self-Injurious Behaviours2020
11Mr Dinsibou PameiSr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura and Dr. Maribon VirayImpact of Career Counselling on the Career Preparation Status of High School Students and Career Decision Making Patterns of Parents in Tamenglong District, Manipur, India2020
12Ms M. S. DawnglianiProf. N. ChandrasekaranA Machine Learning Algorithmic Modelling, Approach to Predict the Survivality of Breast cancer patients using Mizoram medical Data2020


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1Mr A.Jellingstar LymbaDr. Fabian LyngdohRituals of Hima Khyrim: historical Perspective (1830-1978): A Case Study of Coronation, Marriage and Funeral Rites of the Syiems of Hima Khyrim.2019
2Ms Hanabalahun KharbukiProf. Dr. Helen GiriA Study of Khasi Traditional Musical Instruments in East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills and Ri-Bhoi Districts of Meghalaya2019
3Ms Madhusmita DasDr. P.S.S Sundar RaoMolecular Biological and Immunological Studies on Transmission of Leprosy in Tamil Nadu, India2019
4Mr Merril N. SangmaDr. A.A MaoA Study on the Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants of West Garo Hills, Meghalaya2019
5Ms Ningsangrenla LongkumerDr. P.S.S Sundar RaoTraditional Healing Practices and Perspectives of Mental Health in Nagaland2019
6Ms Porsara Mesha J KharbhihSr.Dr.Joan ChunkapuraDevelopment of Counselling Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Dropout among Tribal High School Students in Meghalaya, India2019
7Ms Wadahunlin Jones D. KharlukhiDr. Sr. Margaret BastinA Study on the Structure and Technique of Khasi Indigenous Vocal Music2019
Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Ms Sajma AravindDr. Gideon ArulmaniDevelopment and evaluation of an assesment method for the carrer counselling of children with dyslexia : A case study approach2018


Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Mr Mebanlamphang LyngdohProf. Glenn Christo KharkongorAn analysis of the existing and development of new playing techniques for the duitara2017
2Mr Arodnister LyngdohProf. Glenn C. KharknongorA study of the matrilineal social system and its implications on masculinity among the Khasis2017
3Ms Marbabiang SyiemliehProf. Glenn C. KharknongorChallenges faced by Khasi female headed households in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya with special focus on the education of the children2017
4Ms Debbie ZothanpariDr. Joan ChunkapuraA study of Mizo women’s experience of meaning in midlife2017


Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Ms Aneesha Daulat BabaniDr. Sudha BhogleA Study On The Factors Affecting And The Effectiveness Of An Anti-Bullying Intervention In Reducing Bullying Behaviour Among Sixth Standard Boys2016
2Ms Manjuree DkharDr. P.S.S Sundar RaoA Study on Developing Promotional Strategies For Marketing Indigenous Fruits Of Meghalaya2016
3Ms Iwamon Wara Joyce LalooProf. Glenn C. KharknongorEvaluation Of An Individualised Teaching.Learning Approach For A Course in Biostatistics For Tribal Undergraduate Students2016
4Mr Fabian LyngdohProf. Glenn C. KharknongorA Study on The Nature And Roles Of Traditional Governance Institutions Among The Khasis In Ri-Bhoi District Of Meghalaya2016


Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Ms Ryntihlin Jennifer WarProf. Sandra AlbertEvaluation of the Effectiveness of an Ongoing Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education Course For Indigenous University Students in Meghalaya, with emphasis on the Khasis.2015
2Rev.E.Samraj KirubakaranDr. J. Godwin Prem SinghChange Management: Motivation Belief And Organizational Transformation2015
3Ms Rachel ThomasDr. Sudha BhogleAttitude of Teachers towards Inclusive Education- Correlates and Effectiveness of an Intervention Program2015
4Mr Sundeep Chaitanya VedithiDr. Utpal Sen GuptaA study to Elucidate the Mechanism Underlying Manifestations of Type 1 Reactions in Leprosy in terms of Cortisol Metabolism and Proinflammatory Cytokine Profiles2015


Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Mr Reji V AbrahamDr. Fr. Joseph JThe effect of Intervention Model on Anxiety,Depression & SexualDysfunction Among Alcoholics in Deaddiction Centre in Central Kerela2014
2Mr Tito CherianDr. Fr. Joseph JEffect of Intervention on Job Related PsychoStressors Among Social Workers And Psychologists working in Psychiatric Settings in South Kerala2014
3Mr Yuju FrancisDr. Tony Sam GeorgeExperiences and impact of violence among Christian Missionaries in Orissa2014
4Mr V.C. LalyDr. Alphonsus D’SouzaImpact of Modern Education on Tribal Women A Study of Reang and Uchai Tribes of Tripura2014
5Ms Vanaja A NairDr. Tony Sam GeorgeIndian Client experience with the Therapist in Psychotherapy2014
6Ms Melari Shisha NongrumProf. Glenn C. KharknongorA study on the prevalence of Vitamin A Deficiency and its Associated Factors in Children upto 15 years of Age in Pynursla Block, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya.2014
7Ms Mereen PunnenSr.Dr. Joan Chunkapura & Dr P.S.S Sundar RaoDevelopment and Validation of a Parent Training Program for managing Children With Attention DeficitHyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in Kerela.2014
8Ms Ingenuity Baiahun SwerProf. Dr. Helen GiriKhasi Traditional Dance Forms; Choreographic Dimension2014
9Ms Rizwana BegumDr. K.B. KumarRole of Marital quality, Well-Being and Quality of Life in Attachment Injury Couples2014
10Mr S Maxwell LyngdohDr. Samuel W. MeshackA study on the effectiveness of Media as An Agent to Alleviate Economic Poverty in Meghalaya with A Special Focus on Rural East Khasi Hills2014
11Mr Gopalakrishnan M RSr.Dr. Joan Chunkapura & Dr Stany ThomasA Study on Psychological Problems of Care Givers of Paralytic Elderly Patients and Variations of Their Psychological Problems after giving Yoga And Meditation2014
12Ms Maribon V SangmaDr. Gideon ArulmaniCareer Orientations and Career Counselling: A School Based Intervention Study of Urban and Rural High School Students in the East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya.2014
13Mr T S ThomasSr.Dr. Joan ChunkapuraA Comparative Study on Alcoholism and Poverty among Daily Wage Earners Prior and After De-Addiction Treatment in South Canara District of Karnataka.2014
14Mr Thomaskutty A.VSr.Dr. Joan ChunkapuraA comparative Study of the Wives of Alcoholocs and Non Alcoholics on the level of Self-Estem, Co-dependency,Anxiety and Depression in Central Kerela2014
Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Ms Larilin KharpuriDr. A.A MaoEdaphic & Phytosociological Study in Limestone Mining area at Mawsmai,Meghalaya2012
2Ms Junie Pearl LyngdohDr. A.A MaoA Study on The Ethnomedicinal Plants Among The Khasis of East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya2012
3Ms Evarisha Mercy SyiemDr. P.S.S Sundar RaoA Study on improving the English Writing Skills of Higher Secondary Students in Meghalaya,India through a three week module2012


Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Ms Marina Bethany T. MarweinDr. John StanleyA Study On The Governance of Church-Operated Educational Institutions in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya2011
2Ms Sairabell KurbahDr P.S.S Sundar RaoA Study on The Determinants and Prospects of Entrepreneurship in the East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya2011
3Mr Ono, Harold ChukwudiSr.Dr. Joan ChunkapuraA Comparative Study of Problems of Christian Widows of Ogoja, Nigeria ; With Those of Christian Married Women (Between The Age Group of 20-40 years2011


Sl.noResearcherGuideTitle of ThesisCompleted on
1Ms Gracy .K.JDr. Fr. Joseph JA Comparative Study on Family Adjustment, Self Esteem, and Stress on Mothers of Mentally Challenged Children and That of Motherfs of Normal Children in The District of Kottayam, Kerela2010
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