Bachelor of Science in Public Health


  • 3 years (+ 1 year of optional internship and/or research training). Year one includes a bridge course in Health Sciences
  • Candidates may also opt for an integrated Master of Public Health (MPH) program of 5 calendar years of full-time study (3 years BSc PH + 2 years MPH)

Eligibility: Class XII in any stream
Lateral Entry: Candidates who have completed 3 years Diploma in any health sciences can join 3rd semester directly

The World Health Organization adopted public health (PH) as a core strategy of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2017 and the Government of India had declared UHC as a goal to be achieved by 2022. Despite significant achievements over the past decade, public health challenges continue to prevail in India and in the world.

While old threats continue to challenge health systems, new issues and challenges have appeared that burden the health systems. Creation of a dedicated Public Health Cadre has been identified as one of the important pre-requisites in moving towards improving health systems. Public health professionals help in bridging the gap between the clinical and managerial aspects of the program implementation and provide techno-managerial inputs.

Public health programs demand a special emphasis on the study of disease epidemiology, various determinants of health and emerging challenges in health, public policy making, and program management.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc PH) course will attempt to prepare a competent cadre of professionals who have a basic understanding of the various aspects of public health and are able to apply this knowledge towards meeting public health challenges in the Indian context.

Candidates can also opt for an integrated MPH programme that allows BSc PH students to earn a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in five calendar years of full-time academic study (3 years of BSc PH + 2 years of MPH).

Course delivery
Pedagogy: lectures, practicum, fieldwork, assignments, internship/block placement/rural posting
Assessment: continuous formative evaluation, presentations, reports

Career prospects

  • Research Officer in Government Departments/NGOs 
  • Public Health Communicator
  • NGO sector – Public Health Officer
  • Research Assistants, Field Data Collector
  • Food Safety Officer, Sanitary Inspector/Officer, Health Assistant
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