Master of Arts in Economics (MA Economics)

Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: Preferably BA in economics, an applicant with any other bachelor’s degree, will have to take bridge courses in statistics and economics

The Master of Arts in Economics programme offers a strong theoretical and quantitative background in the principles of economics and aims to train students as professional economists for the government, non-government and the corporate sectors and also for careers in academia and research institutions. The curriculum is designed in a manner that the students are able to independently undertake analysis of economic issues using the various methodologies and analytical frameworks. The course also prepares students for research work and ensures that the latest economic events are used to build the student’s understanding of applied economics and enhance their analytical strengths.

Career prospects:

Government sector, Non-Government and Corporate Sector, Academia, Research Institutions, Management Consultant , Financial Consultant, Statistician, Entrepreneur, Banking Sector, Insurance Companies, Agriculture, Civil Service.