Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (MSc MLT GENERAL)

Duration: 3 years (2 ½ years coursework + 6 months internship)
Eligibility: Bachelor’s in any Life Science discipline

The role of a medical technologist is to assist doctors in the diagnostic process of identifying patients’ illnesses and deals with the treatment and prevention of diseases through clinical laboratory tests. This course aims to produce laboratory technicians who are academically sound and technically skilled and the students will be given sufficient training in examining blood samples, body fluids, and other tissues samples. Students will take basic sciences courses that are applicable to medical lab technology. Candidates may specialise in medical microbiology, clinical biochemistry or haematology.

Course delivery
Theory: lectures, demonstration, seminars, computer aided learning and assignments
Practical: lab work, hands-on clinical experience in hospitals and rural healthcare centres, training in health institutions, internship

Career prospects

  • Hospital laboratories
  • Diagnostic centres
  • Blood banks
  • Academics and research
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