Master of Arts in Music

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters).
Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in Music or any bachelor’s degree with a music
certificate or Diploma from a school of music. Students with a 4 years’ bachelor’s degree in Music are eligible for lateral entry to the 2nd year of MA Music.
Aptitude test: Aptitude test is required only for applicants with a non-music bachelor’s degree. The aptitude test will cover aural skill, singing, and playing of any musical instrument(s). This programme includes Western music, Hindustani classical vocal music, and the indigenous music of Northeast India with specialisations in either Music Education or Performance. The programme enables the students to further their musical development and augment their skills to become disciplined musicians. Musical sensitivity from the perspective of ethics, aesthetics, and therapy will also be explored. It will also increase exposure to different music prospects that will aid in further developing their innovative musical skills and career.

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