Master of Social Work

Course: Master of Social Work
Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: any bachelor’s degree

The MSW will help students enhance their practical skills through field work, a compulsory aspect of the curriculum. As part of this, students will be exposed to various environments of work such as hospitals, children’s homes, de-addiction and rehabilitation centres, schools, prisons, urban slums and many others. Besides regular field work, students will be given opportunities to participate in the field projects of the School and the University

The School offers a generic MSW for non-BSW graduates and an MSW with specialisations for both BSW and non-BSW graduates. The specialisations offered: are Family and Child Studies, Public Health, Community Development, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, and Gender Studies.

About the Course


Course Description


1st  year
1st& 2nd Semester

The course intends to provide knowledge on  the applications of Social Work profession in various settings

Basics of Social Work profession

2nd year
3rd& 4th Semester

To equip students in applying their knowledge in their respective focus areas while working with communities and organizations

Focus Paper on Family and Child Welfare OR Public Health

Course of study
The course is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice ensuring optimum learning by the students

  • Theoretical knowledge


Lectures, demonstration, group discussions, guest lectures, assignments, case studies, article/book reviews, debates, presentations, quiz

  • Practical knowledge

Surveys, role plays, field work, workshops, seminars, project works, Community Camp, study tour, Case work, Group Work, presentations, research dissertation and other experiential activities.

Job Prospects:

  • Non Profit or Public Social Service agencies
  • Grassroots advocacy organizations
  • Community Health Organizations
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Research based Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospital settings
  • Department of Social Welfare, Government of Meghalaya
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Government Departments as Administrators, Monitoring, Evaluation of Government Projects

This course is offered in :-

Department of Social Work,
Martin Luther Christian University,
Dongktieh, Block 1, Nongrah, Shillong-793006.