Doctoral Studies in Ministry to obtain Ph. D

A candidate with a D. Min obtained from a recognised board or University may pursue a PhD that will take a minimum of one year, provided the research study is based on, or a continuation of the D. Min research project to meet PhD level of research.


  1. A D. Min Degree from a recognised University/Board approved by the Academic Committee of Theology and Religious Studies.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum of three years of experience in Pastoral/teaching Ministry.


  1. Minimum duration of One year.
  2. The PhD duration shall be counted from the admission date, i.e., the entrance test results’ announcement.
  3. The maximum duration shall be three years, extendable up to another year only in exceptional circumstances subjected to the approval of the Doctoral Committee.
  4. After the candidate has completed three years and any permitted extension period, the candidate who wishes to continue the PhD programme will have to be re-admitted, including the entrance test and payment of the fees current at the time of the new application. Such candidates must petition the Doctoral Committee for approval to re-apply.

Admission Process 

  1. The candidates shall apply to the University in the prescribed form, attaching the required documents and fees. Besides, the candidate shall submit an essay of about 500 words on why the applicant wishes to do a doctoral study for the degree applied and a tentative research proposal of approximately 1500 words with 5 to 10 academic references.
  2. The DMin to PhD candidates is exempted from the written entrance test.
  3. The DMin to PhD candidate is expected to pursue the research study based on their previous research work completed for their DMin degree. Hence, they are exempted from coursework depending on their performance in the interview on their research capabilities.
  4. Such candidates must obtain approval for their research proposal within three months of admission into the programme, in order to be placed in the regular PhD programme. The tentative research proposal presented for the interview during admission cannot be taken for granted as an approved research proposal. A research proposal in the given format should be submitted within three months of the date of admission.
  5. The candidate shall not have simultaneous PhD registration with other Universities/Institutions.


  1. All applicants will submit the application fee along with the filled-in application form and required documents. On being declared eligible to appear for the entrance test, the candidate will have to pay the entrance test fee.
  2. Applicants who pass the entrance test and interview shall pay the registration fee and the first-year tuition fees together. After that, the annual course fees shall be payable till the candidate submits his/her thesis to the University.
  3. On submission of the research proposal, the candidate shall have to pay the Research Proposal fees.
  4. Candidates will be required to pay the examination fees along with the submission of the thesis.
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