Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Duration: 3 years (six semesters)/ 4 years (eight semesters)

Eligibility: 10+2

About the program

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA Economics) programme offers the learners the opportunity to learn about the socio-economic superstructure of human society in relation to the environment and to examine the philosophies, the science and the variables involved. It engages the learners to the art and science of economic thinking through various activities focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects keeping in mind the diverse cultural nature of human societies. The programme aims to inculcate in the learners the basic concepts and tools of analysis in economics empowering them to make independent analysis on various topics and thereby contributing to knowledge generation and solutions to various issues.

Further, the programme offers the learners the opportunity to study other disciplines in conjunction with economics incorporating the inter-and multi-disciplinary approach to learning. The programme also prepares the learners for higher studies in economics and other related disciplines besides the opportunity to start a scientific career in academia, government or industries.

Course delivery:
Class lectures and discussions, group discussions, case studies, guest lectures, book/articles reviews, problem solving cases, etc.

Practical: Field surveys and data collections, society and market case studies, field visits, workshops, research presentations, etc.

Career prospects

  • Government departments
  • Research organisations
  • NGOs & MNCs
  • Academia
  • Entrepreneurship
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