Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Duration: 3 years (Six semesters) or 4 years (additional two semesters with internship and research projects)
Eligibility: Class XII

The BSc Psychology program aims to introduce students to the fundamental processes underlying human behaviour and familiarizes them with a few emerging fields and branches of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Health Psychology and Positive Psychology. The program is offered in two tracks

  1. Three-year track: The three-year track covers the fundamentals of the fields and branches of Psychology. In addition to the Psychology related courses, the program offers core, and interdisciplinary courses, and a minor concentration from other departments. Students choosing this track will graduate with Bachelor in Psychology with a minor from one of the department. Students will be eligible to enroll in any master’s program as per the eligibility criteria set by the respected University.

Four-year track: Students opting for the four-year track will have an additional year where they can choose one of the two specialisation – Counseling Psychology or Industrial/Organisation Psychology, carry out a Research project and complete an Internship in line with their specialisation. Students choosing this track will graduate with Bachelor in Psychology, with a major in Counseling Psychology or Industrial/Organisation Psychology and a minor from other departments. These students will be eligible for lateral entry to  the 3rd semester of the master’s program

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