Bachelors of Science in Psychology

Eligibility: +2 in any stream
Duration: 3 years (Six semesters), and  4 years (Eight semesters)

*Students will be involved in internship/research / community / practicum.
*Those who opt for the 4-year programme may obtain lateral entry to the 2nd year of the MSc Psychology.

The three years programme aims at introducing students to the fundamental process underlying human behaviour and familiarises them with emerging fields and branches of psychology. The course provides an understanding of basic psychological processes through theoretical, research and practical work. The basic study of research and methodology within the course will prepare the students to become more effective professionals to conduct or facilitate research that are culturally relevant.

The four years programme primarily aims to give students an opportunity to intern in organizations and conduct Research within the similar field of focus. In addition to internship and research students will have a number of courses that will supplement their internship and their preparation for the lateral entry to the Master’s program