Dear Graduates,​
  • The original transcripts and certificates will be issued to graduation students.
  • Students who have received the scanned copy  of transcripts will   collect their originals documents  from the Evaluation Office  from December 11, 2020  i.e. Monday to Friday between 10:30 AM – 1:00 and 2:00 – 4 PM.
  • Students who have not received the scanned transcripts can apply to with full details i.e Name,Course, Registration number, and Documents required.
  • Please only select Department after selecting Convocation Fee Detail.
  • Please name your photos/receipt/ cumulative transcripts with proper names (example: photo/ receipt / cumulative transcript).
Students can apply for graduation certificates here

    •Convocation fee is INR 2500/-
    •Students outside the State of Meghalaya who cannot collect the Graduation certificate in person will have to pay an additional postage fee of INR 150/- only.

    •No fees applicable.

    Click to visit ERP portal

    Dear Students

    In case the above method does not work, please download the form and fill it up and send to along the following scanned documents:

    • Cumulative Transcript
    • Photo in formal attire with white background (passport size)
    • Receipt/Transaction Details