Dear Graduates,

  • The original transcripts and certificates will be issued to graduation students.
  • Students who have received the scanned copy  of transcripts will   collect their originals documents  from the Evaluation Office  from December 11, 2020  i.e. Monday to Friday between 10:30 AM – 1:00 and 2:00 – 4 PM.
  • Students who have not received the scanned transcripts can apply to with full details i.e Name,Course, Registration number, and Documents required.
  • Please only select Department after selecting Convocation Fee Detail.
  • Please name your photos/receipt/ cumulative transcripts with proper names (example: photo/ receipt / cumulative transcript).
Students can apply for graduation certificates here

    •Convocation fee is INR 2500/-
    •Students outside the State of Meghalaya who cannot collect the Graduation certificate in person will have to pay an additional postage fee of INR 150/- only.

    •No fees applicable.