Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology Specialization in Microbiology (MMLTM)

Duration: 2 to 3 years (coursework + internship)
BSc MLT: 2- year programme Bachelors in any Life Science discipline: 3-
year programme

The role of a medical technologist is to assist doctors in the diagnosis of illnesses and supports the treatment and prevention of diseases through clinical laboratory tests. This programme aims to produce laboratory technologists who are academically sound and technically skilled and the students will be given training in examining blood, body fluids, and other tissue samples. Students will take advanced medical technology programmes. Candidates may take a general PG degree or specialized in Medical Microbiology or Clinical Biochemistry

Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology Specialization in Microbiology (MMLTM)

Duration: 1 ½ year course work 6 months internship
Eligibility:  BMLT with internship

The MSc MLT in Medical Microbiology is an allied health profession that specialises in micro- organisms that cause disease. The role of the technologist in this field is to aid the doctor or medical microbiologist in detecting, diagnosing, and preventing diseases through clinical laboratory tests. In addition to running tests, technologists should also set up and maintain laboratory equipment. They also ensure that the laboratory is under the stipulated ambient conditions of temperature, humidity, quality control, safety, and sterility. The medical lab technician is trained to finish tasks with speed and accuracy, handle stress, make analytical judgments in interpreting technical or scientific data, use and maintain laboratory instrumentation, and become proficient in the use of computer hardware and software.

Course Delivery:
Theory: Lectures, demonstrations, seminars, computer-aided learning, and assignments
Practical: Lab work, hands-on clinical experience in hospitals and rural healthcare centres, training in health institutions,internship
Career Prospects: Hospital laboratories, Diagnostic Laboratories, Research projects, Teaching and Entrepreneurs.

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