The 7th Annual Technical Fest, METANOIA 2024

Department of Information Technology , MLCU ; Sponsored by TechWeb Shillong and MOONTON NEURON ESPORT COMMUNITY

The 7th Annual Technical Fest, METANOIA 2024, organized by the Department of Information Technology at Martin Luther Christian University, took place from April 22-24, 2024. Sponsored by TechWeb Shillong and MOONTON NEURON ESPORT COMMUNITY, the event provided a dynamic platform for students to display their technical prowess, creativity, and teamwork.

METANOIA 2024 had several objectives, including showcasing students’ technical skills in diverse IT domains, encouraging self-expression and creativity, and facilitating networking among students and industry experts. Over 300 students participated enthusiastically, representing not only Meghalaya but also other states in India’s North East. The event was designed to be inclusive and accessible, with activities conducted both online and offline to accommodate participants from various backgrounds.

Incorporating the fusion of technical innovation and entertainment, popular attractions like BGMI and Mobile League of Legends drew participants from urban and rural areas alike, highlighting the broad appeal of gaming culture among Gen Z.

A significant aspect of METANOIA 2024 was the Innovation Showcase, featuring pioneering projects such as ELiGen – a Miniature App Development platform on Serverless Technology by TechSoul, Shillong; a ChatBot innovation from Assam Don Bosco University; and the Mini Smart Gate from MLCU’s Department of Information Technology. These innovations not only exhibited the participants’ ingenuity but also demonstrated technology’s potential to tackle real-world issues.

METANOIA 2024 underscores the Department of Information Technology’s dedication to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration in the IT field. Its successful conclusion leaves a lasting impact on the region’s technical landscape, inspiring future generations to strive for technological excellence.

Winner list in Matanoia events 22-24, 2024

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