World Mental Health Day

10th October, 2023
MLCU, Shillong

In a collaborative endeavor to promote awareness regarding mental health concerns, Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) witnessed a seminar on World Mental Health Day 2023, organized jointly by the Department of Psychology, the Department of Education, and the Centre for Counselling.

Sony Gill, a specialist in education, took the floor to discuss the subject of child and adolescent mental health. She brought attention to the hurdles encountered by young individuals, with a particular focus on those with disabilities, advocating for early intervention and support. Gill introduced the concept of neurodivergent thinking, emphasizing the significance of exploring emotions through innovative approaches like the ‘Zones of Regulation’ model.

Furthermore, Swapnil Pawar, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, conducted an engaging session on cybercrime, offering valuable insights into digital data protection and privacy.

The event served as a platform for experts and educators to address critical facets of mental health.

Under the theme ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right,’ the seminar featured speakers who shed light on diverse aspects of mental health, promoting understanding, empathy, and community support.

Alcydalyne Lyngkhei, a clinical psychologist hailing from Mawkyrwat, led a discussion on the pivotal role of community support in mental health recovery. She underlined the ongoing battle against the stigmatization and discrimination faced by individuals with mental health challenges. Lyngkhei also stressed the need for equal emphasis on both mental and physical health, advocating for accessible mental healthcare services, particularly for the underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the population. She highlighted the importance of empathy among healthcare professionals and active community involvement in the development of mental health services.

Marbanshngain Dkhar, a legal expert in human rights, delved into the legal dimensions of mental health. He underscored the necessity to legally safeguard the rights of individuals grappling with mental health issues, offering examples of societal advancements resulting from the intersection of law and mental health concerns.

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