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The MLCU Press is thrilled to announce the launch of two new books, Khasi Ethics’ and ‘Ha Yupiam Ka Bei’ at this year’s Monolith Festival 2024 on 7th March 2024, Thursday.

The Monolith Festival will be held at the Khasi Heritage Village, Mawphlang. The festival is conceptualized to showcase the vibrant Khasi way of life and embrace the rich diversity of the community. The traditional dances, folk music, indigenous cuisine and games, are a testament to the unique harmony and culture of the Khasis.

At this august event, MLCU Press is elated to launch two books that showcase the rich cultural theme of the festival and the community. Khasi Ethics– authored by Fr. Barnes Mawrie SDB is a treasure trove of cultural knowledge about the Khasi way of life. This book delves into the Khasi community which, since times immemorial, has been governed by a set of authentic and praiseworthy ethical norms. The book discusses at length personal and social ethics and their perennial relevance in Khasi society.

In the past few decades, there has been notable transformation of Khasi society in terms of their socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and religious outlook and behaviour. However, the Khasi ethical code of conduct continues to guide the community and is still effective in shaping the lives of individual members.

This book is a must-read for every member of the Khasi community to revisit the rich ethical heritage and be inspired to live by it. The universal applicability of such sound ethical norms would be equally enriching for every reader.

Our next book is Amabel Susngi’s Ha Yupiam Ka Bei’ (On Mother’s Lap) Ki Jingrwai Kynoi Thiah’ (Lullabies).  The book is a carefully curated collection of timeless 25 Khasi lullabies in dialects from Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hill and Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya. The book is an output of the Tata Samvaad Fellowship and published by Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) Press.

This illustrated songbook contains QR codes that link each song in the book to a beautiful rendition sung by Amabel herself. The book is set to become the ultimate companion for music lovers of all ages. The songbook is designed for ease of use, featuring lyrics with English translations and melody notation for musicians of all skill levels.

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