Centre for Gender Equity and Diversity Education and Research (GENDER)

Mailing Address


The Mission Statement

The Centre for GENDER supports the University’s gender sensitive policies and embraces gender diversity through education and training, skill development, community and media engagement, research and policy advocacy. The Centre envisages to sensitize the youth to become gender champions and influencers in society and aims to emerge as a leader in the state and region for gender equity.

The Vision Statement

The Centre for GENDER aims to deliver gender sensitization and sexuality education and life skills to students, faculty, beneficiary communities and partner organizations. An assessments on the effectiveness of various Workshops conducted by the Centre for GENDER has reported enhanced knowledge and positive attitudes towards gender and sexuality issues.

MLCU’s Statement on LGBTQIA (Click to Download)
Programmes at a glance

The Centre for GENDER has been conducting Gender, Reproductive Health and Life Skills Education Workshop for students in the university and in the community since 2008. The Centre for GENDER is offering a Minor in Gender studies, reproductive health, sexuality and life skills education (12 credits) for undergraduate students from the autumn semester of 2020-21.

The Centre for GENDER also organizes the following academic activities:

  • Foundation Course on Gender Studies, Reproductive Health and Life Skills Education for undergraduate students.
  • Workshop on Gender Studies, Reproductive Health and Life Skills Education for all post-graduate students.
  • Selection, appointment and advisory function for the UGC mandated Gender Champions.

In collaboration with the School of Social Work, the Centre for GENDER is also offering a course Masters in Social Work with specialization in “Gender Studies and Initiatives” from autumn semester 2020-21.