Department of Allied Health Sciences

The Mission Statement
To be a department of excellence, dedicated to quality education in healthcare and research by integrating values, commitment, social consciousness, professionalism and services thereby creating skilled health professionals”.


  • To equip students with hands-on experience and enhance their skills in their field of study.
  • To prepare them to be skillful and confident as they move from the classroom environment to the world of work.
  • To uplift healthcare in rural North East India.
  • To produce trained professionals who are locally and globally competent and to enhance their employability.

Who is an allied health care professional?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recommended the following definition: “Allied health care professionals (AHPs) includes individuals involved with the delivery of health or healthcare related services, with qualifications and competence in therapeutic, diagnostic, curative, preventive and/or rehabilitative interventions. They work in multidisciplinary health teams in varied health care settings including doctors, nurses and public health officials to promote, protect, treat and/or manage a person(‘s) physical, mental, social, emotional, environmental health and holistic well-being. The scope of allied health practice extends to the individual, the family and to the community

MLCU became the first university in Northeast India to have a full-fledged department of allied health sciences when it established the Department of AHS in 2006. At present, the Department has 21 faculty members and the total number of graduates, to date, is 662. It has provided paramedical professionals for government and private hospitals and faculty members for several teaching institutions.

The Department of AHS follows the model curriculum developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Practical training of MLCU students is conducted at leading hospitals in Shillong and internship postings are arranged at leading private and mission hospitals all over India.

Allied health workers are an untapped treasure, critical to fixing the gaping holes in India’s health workforce, particularly the severe shortage of physicians and specialists. NIAHS

Programs Available