Mission Statement

“To evolve as a centre of excellence in educational practices, innovations, and research, keeping in mind indigenous and global knowledge, and cultural and social systems thus preparing students through comprehensive teaching, learning, and experiential approaches thereby helping them become responsible lifelong learners for the transformation of their communities.”

The Department started as a Centre of Education and has been offering a minor of 12 credits for undergraduate students and an elective for the postgraduate MSW students (with BSW background).

Subjects Offered:

Under graduate (minor)

post graduate (elective)

Basic Theoretical Concepts of Education - 4 Credits

Basics in Teaching & Learning - 4 Credits

Basic Elements in Teaching & Learning - 4 Credits

Policies, Issues & Sustainability in Education - 4 Credits

An 8-credit course content in Educational Pedagogy and Practices is now offered as one of the components in the PhD course work as per the New Education Policy.

The Centre also conducts teaching-learning workshops for all new faculty members joining the University and encourages faculty to earn the Certificate in Teaching and Learning. Besides, the Centre also conducts workshops in other institutions.


For faculty

for students

1. To enhance the teaching- learning skills of the faculty

1. To equip students with the knowledge , skills and attitude on the process of teaching-learning

2. To introduce and train faculty on University’s’ new policy related to teaching and learning

2. To engage and involve students in organizing community based project in educational institution and community

3. To Conduct workshops on new trend and innovative teaching and learning practices

3. To conduct research on teaching- learning relevant to Meghalaya and the Northeast

4. To develop, prescribe and adopt new and relevant policy in Teaching and learning

5. To develop format and tools on application of policy related to Teaching and learning

6. To conduct research on teaching- learning relevant to Meghalaya and the Northeast both at the University and Community level

The Centre has the responsibility of identifying new trends in teaching-learning approaches and to put in practice new concepts as approved by the Academic Council of the University. These will be put into practice by first conducting workshops to orient and provide the necessary skills for application in the classroom. One example currently in progress is Self-Directed Learning. 

The Centre is currently implementing a community project at Sein Jaintia Morning School, Shillong under the Dr. Shyamprasad Research Fund.

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