Green Beneath Our Feet

Plato Laloo
BCA  First Semester, MLCU

The world is crawling with evils and worst underneath,
Menace should be stopped to get a chance to plant seeds
If this time you cannot handle this kind of condition’
The future will be tearful when it comes to your little ones

Keep silent for one moment and think about reality
Your eyes has just witness sadness, can you believe what you see?
Guns and ammunition will be our threats too
As different religion wants to take over and rule

The next step you take will be your new experience
But take it in a way where no one will cry again
We’re brothers and sisters we’ll share our love with everyone
And tears of happiness along with smile when the job is done

This huge planet we lived in belongs to everyone
Continue to love and live right because we are one
My brothers and sisters let’s close our eyes for one minute
When we opened it with hope, there will be green beneath our feet.

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