I took the narrow way

By : Jasbir Singh
BSc. Psychology, IInd Semester 2016-17,Martin Luther Christian University

Into the woods,
There goes two ways,
Birds are chirping,
It’s beginning of a new day.

Under the vast sky,
There are flowers in the ground,
Spring, I was hoping,
Lo! It has just arrived.

I was in conversation,
With my love on high,
I was in my joyous moment,
When he spoke to me his mind.

As the conversation ended,
I stood up then moved ahead,
I saw two ways,
One was narrow and another was wide.

The wide looks comfortable and alluring,
I thought it in my mind,
The narrow way looks,
Very few have ever tried.

I took the way,
Which few have ever tried,
I remembered the pain of my love,
In the cross where he died.

©JS 17

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