World Mental Health Day observed by The School of Social Work

October 10, 2022

The School of Social Work (Medical & Psychiatric Social Work and Family & Child Studies Specializations), Martin Luther Christian University, today 10 October, 2022 observed World Mental Health Day by organising an awareness program in Pearly Dew Higher Secondary School, Jaiaw Laitdom. 

In part with this year’s global theme, “Make Mental Health and Wellbeing for All a Global Priority”, faculty and students of the School of Social Work gave presentations and performed skits to highlight the importance of mental health.

While speaking during the event, Dr T. Kharsati, Principal, Pearly Dew Higher Secondary School, spoke on the importance of being informed and spreading awareness about mental health issues in these times. He added that school students face contemporary mental health issues such as cyberbullying, game addiction, etc, and therefore, interventions and discources are much needed especially for school going students.

Ms D. Nongrum, faculty, School of Social Work , MLCU, highlighted the various mental health issues of adolescents and young people along with the importance of mental health and seeking professional help.

The students from MLCU also performed a skit on Bullying and its prevention focusing on seeking help when in such a crisis, which was followed by a quiz.
The school students also had an interactive session with the faculty and students of MLCU where they used their drawings and art work to express their thoughts about Mental Health, its importance and the issues they face on daily basis.

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