Intercollegiate Fest, "Fun-O-Rama 2023"

29th May, 2023

Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) proudly organized its first-ever Intercollegiate Fest, “Fun-O-Rama,” at Anton Hall, Laitumkhrah, Shillong. The event, held on May 29, 2023, was a collaborative effort between the Office of the Dean of Students and various departments of the university. Its primary objective was to provide a vibrant platform for students from diverse institutions to gather, interact, and establish valuable networks.

The fest commenced with a warm welcome by Dr. Iwamon W. J. Laloo, Registrar of MLCU, who set an exciting tone for the event. Dr. Lalnunsanga Ralte, esteemed Faculty member of the School of Language and Literary Studies at MLCU, delivered an engaging speech on Graphic Culture, celebrating the youth’s interest in trends such as anime and cosplay, captivating the audience with his insightful perspectives.

One of the highlights of the fest was the Cosplay Competition, which took center stage and drew participation from 15 talented individuals representing different educational institutions in Shillong. Ambika Burathoki from Global Open University emerged as the winner, securing the coveted 1st Prize. Gophika Burathoki from IGNOU secured the 2nd Prize, while Alex Zou Sangma from St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School took home the 3rd Prize. Other noteworthy category prizes were also awarded, including the Best Performance, won by Silky Th from Lady Keane School, the Best Craftsmanship, earned by Zura Niang from NEHU, and the People’s Choice award, claimed by Latifah from St. Margaret’s Higher Secondary School, Shillong. The Cosplay Competition was evaluated by Garry N. Syiem and Donald Khumlo, distinguished members of Abyssal Scar Cosplay, who have proudly represented India at the renowned Pop Culture Hiroshima event in Japan.

In addition to the thrilling cosplay competition, various departments of Martin Luther Christian University exhibited their respective topics of interaction based on the courses offered by each department. These engaging stalls provided visitors with an opportunity to explore and gain knowledge about different subjects and academic disciplines.

The Intercollegiate Fest witnessed an impressive turnout, with enthusiastic participation from students of both MLCU and other educational institutions, as well as members of the general public. The event served as an excellent platform for students to showcase their talents, build connections, and foster a sense of camaraderie among different academic communities.

The resounding success of “Fun-O-Rama” exemplifies Martin Luther Christian University’s unwavering commitment to promoting holistic education, creativity, and collaboration among students. Through such initiatives, the university aims to nurture a vibrant academic environment that encourages exploration, innovation, and personal growth.

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