26th July, 2023

Two books, namely Building Bridges for Wellness through Counselling and Psychotherapy and Relational Gestalt Therapy in India were launched at Martin Luther Christian University, Dongktieh, Nongrah, Shillong. Dr. Vajana Ammanath, the author of the Book “Relational Gestalt Therapy in India” was the Chief Guest of the program.  Dr. Glenn C Kharkongor (Chancellor), Prof. T.K Bamon (Vice Chancellor), Dr.Iwamon W.J.Laloo (Registrar), Dr. Larilin Kharpuri (Dean of Research) and Patricia Mukhim (Editor, Shillong Times) were present. The program was attended by scholars, faculty and administrators of MLCU.

Dr Larilin Kharpuri commenced the program by welcoming all the attendees and emphasized the importance of books and learning.  In his brief speech, Chancellor highlighted the importance of working together as a community through participatory contribution. Dr. Porsara Kharbih, (Assistant Professor, Counselling Psychology) provided an introduction about the book Building Bridges for Wellness through Counselling and Psychotherapy, concisely sharing how the approaches on the book is integrated with counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy; enhancing the process of therapy and making it more relevant to individuals, families and groups in our increasingly multilayered society. Wandahun Lywait (Assistant Professor)  later briefed those present in the event about the second book, “Relational Gestalt Therapy in India: A Guide to Group Practice published by Routledge. With more than 20 years of experience and practice, the author harnessed her knowledge by authoring a book which offers culturally sensitive guidance to Indian practitioners wishing to conduct group therapy apart from theoretical concepts of Gestalt Theory.

 Other MLCU publications include Training Persons with Disabilities as Successful Entrepreneurs by Marina B. Marwein, Gender, Sexuality and Society in Northeast India by R Jennifer War and Glenn C Kharkongor (Eds.), Waiting for an Equal World by Patricia Mukhim and Tales of Darkness and Light by Janet Hujon. Compassion by Dr. Maribon Viray and Dr. Glenn C Kharkongor, Building A New Community in Bissamcuttack by Dr. Glenn.C. Kharkongor and In the Shadows by Melari Shisha Nongrum.

Exhibition and Sale of books were available after the program at Martin Luther Christian Hall.

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