Street show at Nongmynsong

The Department of Environment and Traditional Ecosystems, MLCU, conducted an awareness programme on waste management in the form of a street show on Friday December 6, 2019 at Nongmynsong market.

The objective of the street show is to generate awareness on the proper means of waste management. Besides being an experiential learning activity for the students this program is also carried out to support The Shillong Times’ Operation Clean Up. Operation Clean Up, the project that The Shillong Times spearheaded to mark its 75th anniversary targets the Umkaliar river which runs adjacent to Nongmynsong locality. Hence Nongmynsong market was specifically used as the location of the street show.






This programme was participated by the students of the Department. There was an enactment of a role play accompanied by songs and dance items that attempted to draw attention to the ill effects of improper waste management, usage of single use plastic items and the need to keep our water bodies clean.

The students also displayed placards that highlighted the do’s and don’ts of waste management in English, Hindi and Khasi.


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